Roles previously undertaken by our team include:

  • Research Scientist in photogrammetric methods for topographic map update
  • An Industrial Fellow and Visiting Scientist at universities in the UK and Australia
  • GIS Consultant for a National Mapping Agency
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Manager for terrestrial scanners and mobile mapping systems
  • Global Enterprise Sales Manager for pavement data collection systems and services
  • Business Development Manager for Canadian-based industrial metrology services.

Our clients ask us questions such as:


"We would like to start bidding on network-level mobile mapping projects, can you help us refine our proposal?"


"We have a really cool software product, can you help us decide what functions we should develop next?"


"We are looking to expand our geospatial products and services outside of North America, how should we go about establishing our distribution network internationally?"


"We are a European-based start-up that needs a point of contact in North America to follow-up on sales calls and receive customer queries in their local time zone, can you help us support these?"

Welcome to the consulting home of Insightful Dimensions. We are an interdisciplinary and internationally experienced team that strives to be the conduit between the traditional 'technical' and 'marketing' sides of your business. We provide professional services related to:

  • Product development
  • Proposal writing
  • Sales support
  • Market sizing
  • Data analysis

With domain expertise in subjects ranging from enterprise data integration, network analysis, metrology, through to mobile mapping and drones; we help you build the value proposition for your leading technology, products and services.

Will Tompkinson

Owner and Consulting Lead

After over 15 years of working in metrology and geomatics, in roles ranging from Research Scientist, Technical Consultant through to Global Sales Manager; Will Tompkinson is now Consulting Lead for Insightful Dimensions. Through providing international experience and perspective to clients who are deciding how to implement new technologies to improve the bottom-line of both their operations and that of their customers, Will's focus is upon helping his clients to build value propositions that exceed customer expectations. 

What our clients say about us:

"We are working with Insightful Dimensions on a series of projects that implement new data capture technologies that enable us to provide new services to our customers and set a prosperous long-term track to our business. Whether it be to get a handle on legislative requirements, or an understanding of fast moving technology or markets; Insightful Dimensions can be relied upon to over-deliver in the research, reporting and analysis that they provide"

Mike Darracott, Managing Director
Mobile GIS Services
Liverpool, UK




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